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Electric Tips
Getting better on guitar is all about learning. You may think you’re doing fine, but all players can improve with some thought about what they’re doing. Here are practical and conceptual tips to help you play better.

1. Play With Other People
It’s obvious. No two people play guitar the same, and for all the woodshedding you do on your own, you’ll learn more by playing with others. They might have new ways of voicing chords, a unique rhythm style, or simply turn you on to new influences. Playing dual-lead guitar, honing your rhythm while someone else plays lead (or vice versa) or swapping licks. A guitarist’s best friend is another guitarist.

2. Buy a Tuition Book
Print may seem old fashioned in 2013, but good guitar books can be a real boost to your playing. Whether it’s chords, scales, theory or all three – read more, and you will learn more.

3. Learn Your Favorite Songs Note-for-Note
Yes, it’s a tough ask. But if you want to play like your heroes, try and learn exactly what they do. It will help you appreciate the art and skill of playing guitar like a legend.

4. Get One-to-One Pro Lessons
Lessons are not just for beginners. Every player has quirks (some bad) and a good pro teacher may help iron them out. You’re never too old to learn from a professional teacher. You have nothing to lose, other than learning more.

5. Record Yourself
In your head, you may think you’re playing great. Record your practices (solo or band) and you may hear differently. It’s a simple way of hearing what others are hearing. It could be sometimes painful, but will help you identify where you need to get better.

6. Use Technology
Guitarists often get obsessed by physical wood and wire and amps. They may make you sound better, but won’t always help you play better. From impromptu recording to chord apps to amp/FX emulation software, there’s a host of tech that can help you. Try the Gibson app for starters.

7. Play Slower
Sure, you may want to be fastest guitarslinger in town. But when you slow down your playing, you’ll learn more about your own phrasing and rhythm.

8. Use A Metronome
This will also help you with tempo. Even quirky rhythm, before or ahead of the beat – see Keith Richards – relies on knowing where the beat lies. Solo practice with a metronome will help you.

9. Buy an FX Pedal
Some great music happens simply because of an FX pedal. See U2’s The Edge. “I don’t think of playing through effects,” Edge ponders, “I play the effects.” Keith Richards says The Rolling Stones’ “Satisfaction” wouldn’t have worked without his Gibson Maestro fuzztone. Color your sound, and new worlds can open up.
27 January 2015 at 23:42

Did you know that effective finger exercises can be one of the keys to your success and spectacular playing ability? Have your fingers ever not cooperated? Bar chords hard to form and hold? Guitar fingerpicking not as fast and accurate as you think it should be? Guitar finger exercises can help. They have helped my finger strength, flexibility and speed tremendously.

So what are the objectives that we should be seeking with a program of guitar finger exercises?

1. To build strong hands and fingers and speed your progress while learning how to play guitar.

2.To increase your guitar fingerpicking abilities,

3. Strengthen your hands and fingers to improve your technique by improving your abilty to form chords, building flexibility and dexterity confidence while playing the guitar.

4.Strong pain free hands with the agility, speed, control and endurance to play the things we want to play and continue to practice and improve continually.

So what your needing is strong finger independence which is the ability to isolate the movements of one finger at a time while keeping the others as still as possible. A effective regular program of guitar finger exercises can vastly speed your progress.

5. Finger strength and endurance. By exercising and strengthening the gripping muscles for holding chords and the extensor muscles of the hand for the ability to move quickly over the fretboard.

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