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Kids / Children
Parents of young kids often ask us if their child should begin taking guitar lessons in Auckland. Some kids will be ready to start taking Auckland guitar lessons at around the age of 7 while others may be better suited to starting Auckland guitar lessons at age 10 or even older in some cases. These ages are not indicative of their intelligence but more to do with hand strength and the ability to focus and patience!

Auckland guitar lessons for kids and children

When Auckland Kids Should Start Guitar Lessons?
The main obstacle your kid will face when taking guitar lessons in Auckland will be in developing fine motor skills and the strength/dexterity in their hands. Changing between chords on the guitar requires your child to develop strong fingers which , fortunately , is a skill which can be quickly learnt. Over the course of a few weeks , your child will quickly develop the motor skills and hand strength to interchange chords. Of less importance is overall hand size - there are many 1/2 size guitars available that should feel comfortable for even the smallest hands.

Improving on Guitar Requires Patience and Practice
If your child is enrolled in guitar lessons, they'll invariably be provided with "homework" - chords, scales and songs to memorize and practice. If not worked on routinely, kids will fall behind, and frustrate both their guitar teacher and themselves.  But my parents, having just shelled out lots of money for a new guitar, understandably forced me to keep my lessons up for another year. As soon as the opportunity presented itself, I quit guitar lessons and stopped playing for five years. Luckily, I rediscovered guitar in high school, but many kids aren't quite so lucky. Developing a negative impression of guitar lessons early in life can sour kids on playing music in general.

If your kid is enrolled in Auckland guitar lessons , they'll inevitably need to overcome the initial feelings of "Am I good enough" or "I'm bad at this , why not stop?" - this is very common amongst young kids starting guitar lessons for the first time but is quickly replaced with interest as they begin to master guitar chords within a short space of time. Our Auckland guitar tutors have a long experience in teaching young kids how to succeed at learning the guitar which mainly consists of encouragement and planning their guitar lesson plans to ensure they leave with a feeling of self-achievement and reward. When I was eight years old, my parents signed me up for guitar lessons in Auckland. After a couple lessons, I lost interest in learning guitar - it was too hard, the guitar was too big, and I wasn't learning any songs I liked. Developing a negative impression of guitar lessons early in life can sour kids on playing music in general. We have learnt from experience exactly how to provide effective Auckland guitar lessons.

When Children Should Start Guitar Lessons?
Your child is at least six years old. From our personal experience in teaching guitar to children near the age of 6 , we've found that kids at or below or the age of 6 should preferably wait another year or two before starting Auckland guitar lessons. Learning the guitar requires a level of dexterity and focus which most kids at that age have not fully developed. Of course , when taking on new kids for guitar lessons we take each child on a case by case basis and if they are very willing to learn the guitar , we have seen many cases where their interest in learning guitar has given them a level of prolonged concentration not present out of the guitar lesson!

Your child displays sufficient hand dexterity. If your child hasn't yet really developed their fine motor skills, guitar lessons will be a struggle. Although playing guitar can help develop these motor skills, maintaining a child's interest during this development will be a major challenge.

Your child can maintain focus for significant periods of time. If your child doesn't have the attention span to maintain a daily 15 minute practice schedule, consider waiting a while before enrolling them in formal guitar lessons. Your child shows significant interest in the guitar. If they're not showing interest in the guitar, pushing them into lessons may only serve to develop a distaste for something they might have otherwise enjoyed.
Jane (Kane's Mother)
14 January 2015 at 19:49

I've got a 1/2-sized guitar that my kids can pull out whenever they want. I leave it in open D tuning, so they can bang away on the open strings, and it still sounds good. I don't allow them to jump on or smash the guitar, but other than that, they have free reign.

25 January 2015 at 02:12

Nice one man, I’m teaching kids as young as six and it’s nice to hear I’m not the only one struggling with their attention spans! The velcro string mute is a great idea, I’ll be sure to try it with my new beginners next semester..

25 January 2015 at 05:40

Good idea leaving an open tuned guitar around the house for your kids , my kids feel like rock stars when they play mine in Open D even though they really , really can't play...

26 January 2015 at 01:04

The vast majority of Auckland guitar teachers teach beginning guitar students in a logical linear way. The problem with this approach is that it doesn’t work well for beginners. Students progress slowly, or give up, leaving both teachers and students very frustrated. Reading this, you may think: ‘But all books for beginning guitar students are written in this way?’ You are right, they are written in a very logical linear way, and this is a huge part of the problem. The linear teaching approach makes perfect sense if you are teaching a topic that is linear such as mathematics or science, but you are teaching music - an art that requires a different method to teaching and learning. Yet the conventional way Auckland guitar lesson books are written (and the conventional way beginning students are taught) is typically very linear. When some teachers realize that it doesn’t work, they start to not use any book at all and instead make their own attempt to teaching beginning students with their own version of the linear teaching approach. This often produces mediocre results… some teachers simply ‘accept’ those mediocre results, while others begin searching (again) for a better method of teaching beginners that will work all (or at least most) of the time. One of those better methods is the “geometric guitar teaching method”. With this approach students learn to apply and integrate a wider range of necessary musical skills from the beginning of their training.

26 January 2015 at 01:06

Not building the critical self-confidence that all students need (especially beginners from their Auckland guitar teachers). New students of the guitar (total beginners) are totally clueless about learning to play guitar, Auckland guitar lessons, and most importantly, about ‘themselves’. Beginners don’t know if they will actually be able to ever learn to play guitar. They don’t know if they have any potential. They are wondering if they have any natural talent at all. They’re wondering if they actually need to have natural talent to play guitar. They worry that they might be too old, or too young. They worry that maybe their hands are too big, or too small. They don’t know if they will enjoy practicing or not. They worry they may not have an ‘ear for music’ or if they have any rhythm.

You must help your students to remove these self-doubts as soon as possible… but encouraging words are often not enough. You will need to use guitar teaching methods and materials which will naturally and quickly show your beginning students some very real tangible proof that they really can, will and are learning to play guitar well throughout their Auckland guitar lessons.

27 January 2015 at 02:32

Playing the guitar is great fun, and you can certainly knock out a tune or two without really knowing what you're doing, but if you really want to have fun then you'll want to get creative. Creative guitar playing is easy once you understand that music is just a language, and your guitar is just the tool that you "type" this language on.

With Auckland guitar lessons , if you spend a bit of time learning guitar music theory at the start, you'll find you will learn how to play guitar in a fraction of the time once you actually understand what you're doing. The best bit is that with all that knowledge you'll be able to play the guitar by ear ... maybe write songs and jam and solo like the pros in no time.

27 January 2015 at 02:33

It is virtually impossible for beginners to tune a guitar by ear and all pros use tuners now. They do a better job in less time and work best in performance situations. Get a chromatic tuner instead of a regular guitar tuner. There are many altered tunings you'll want to know how to play on guitar and a plain old guitar tuner won't do them. Chromatic tuners can cost as little as $20 USD. Auckland guitar lesson tutors can also provide a guitar tuner at the beginning of your lesson to make sure your guitar is in tune.

You'll need to make some decisions about guitar strings. You need to change them every month or so as they begin to corrode and lose their tone. Pros might change their strings for every gig! Electric guitar strings are made from different metals than acoustic strings. Make sure you get the right kind. There are a million different brands to choose from. You'll decide which you like by trial and error. They also come in different gauges or thicknesses. Thicker strings might sound better and last longer but they're tougher on your fingers and harder to bend. Most acoustic players play 12 gauge strings while electric players are pretty evenly split between 9 gauge and 10 gauge strings (Auckland Guitar Lessons).

27 January 2015 at 06:15

I have been asked to teach a 6 year old guitar, and I was wondering if anyone has any tips?

I have been learning guitar for about 2 years now and taking Auckland guitar lessons , so I am still pretty much a beginner.
I was this childs classroom teacher last year and we got on well. He told his mum that he wanted to learn guitar, and that he specifically wanted me to teach him. I told her I had never taught guitar before and I wasn't very good, but she seemed quite o.k. with that!

He said he wants to learn 'yellow submarine', a song I often sang in class. Is there an easy version I could teach a 6 year old? Has anyone any experience of teaching guitar to someone this young?

Any help much appreciated.

27 January 2015 at 06:16

I teach students as young as six. I expect them to be able to act on an adult's instructions.

You'll need to make sure the child has an appropriately sized nylon string guitar. Half size will probably be too small now, or if not it soon will be so tell the parent to get three-quarter size.

Get a book. A good book at that age is The Guitarist's Way Book 1 - by Peter Nuttall and John Whitworth. ISBN 9-790708-021018. It has simple tunes to start with using just open strings. Then it brings in 3rd string A and so on. The first page will last two or three 15-minute lessons. Don't rush anything.

Yellow Submarine? Excellent choice. Transpose it into one octave - 3rd string G to 1st string G.

14 April 2015 at 05:32

By having one on one lessons with no distraction with anybody else makes it easier to learn guitar. Your teaching has made me improve a lot, we go over things in class, and we practice together which makes it easier for me to practice at home.

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